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Hi, friends. It’s taken me awhile to get this message to you. I’ve been writing it for 5 days now and per usual with thetime between eclipses, I feel like I’m in some purgatory between past and future. Couple that with Mercury Retrograde, and my thoughts were harder to piece together than usual. 🙂 In […]

The Astrology of April 2024: The Solar Eclipse & Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

The Astrology of December & Your 2023-24 Horoscope

Hi, friends. I cannot believe that next time I write you we’ll be entering a new calendar year. A lot happened in 2023, didn’t it? What does your personal universe look like now? What are the main ways that’s different from the space you were in as you rang in the new year January 1st? With astrology, […]

Hi, friends! September was a complex month, right? I had some really amazing and inspiring days, and I’ve started work on new offerings I’m excited to share in the future. But with Mercury retrograde half last month, many things went differently than expected. The message I tried emphasizing these last few months – as both […]

The Astrology of October 2023: Eclipse Season

September 2023: A Full Month of Insight & Possibility

Hi, friends. Welcome to September! My schedule has been pretty full lately…nearly as full as it is each January with year-ahead readings. That speaks for itself, showing how powerfully Venus Retrograde has shifted things. For many folks, visible, surface-level changes have been set in motion. For other people, Venus worked more strongly within. What’s been […]

Here we are, beginning a new month in the middle of Mercury Retrograde and eclipse season. Last month’s astrology played out as expected with pretty major retrograde news. Microsoft had issues on multiple platforms. Microsoft 365 suffered major cloud outages, and students who use Blackboard (a huge online network for teams and schools) couldn’t access […]

The Astrology of May 2023: Lean in where you feel steady, grounded and well-supported

The Astrology of April 2023: An eclipse and retrograde prompt last minute adjustments as we lay new roots

Here we are already in April. March was a time warp. Saturn changed signs after 3 years in Aquarius; Pluto changed signs after 15 years in Capricorn. These are two of our most slow-moving, heavy-hitting planets. Their movements signal the deepest and most profound life changes. And boy do I feel it! We’ve entered a fresh new landscape […]

Hi, friends! As predicted on our Calendar, the flow was slow and sluggish a lot of January. Jupiter in Aries gave us BIG ideas about all we wanted to do, but Mercury and Mars left us high and dry in terms of an ability to feel or recognize progress. Now, day by day, we’re gaining […]

The Astrology of February 2023: Focus on the fantasy, show life where to carry you next

The Astrology of December 2022: A TRUE page turner

Hey, astro fam! It’s exciting to write you as the new year draws near. More often than not, the change of calendar year promises little more than a glorified ball drop. The “New Year, New Me” sentiment lacks any basis in reality, energetic support, or momentum needed to push us to a new chapter. But nothing […]

Hey, friends. Did you feel that shift in October? If you recall, our forecast divided October into two distinct categories – the first few weeks pleasant, then around the 19th, the intensity would ramp up. The change was very palpable for me and the people in my daily life. What happened for you? November is […]

The Astrology of November 2022: Surrender to a greater plan


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