My mission is spreading the wisdom of the astrology to those who are open and ready to understanding themselves and their own life missions with greater clarity.

Because astrology at its core shows the innate uniqueness of us all, my commitment to non-judgment transcends all I do. My commitment is to remain a positive source of understanding and guidance for every person on my path. Most importantly, I aim to serve every client in a way that resonates with their spiritual belief system.

My ultimate wish is that one day mankind can live in a world they truly understand, where the practical and the spiritual, the mystical and scientific are recognized as one magnificent system of life. I believe in the power of astrology to raise social tolerance, tackle issues like climate change, and help humans understand history better in order to co-create a better future for ourselves and Mother Earth.


"The birth chart is the life chord of the individual being and destiny it symbolizes. The score of the symphony which living man is. Most human beings are living only in parts of themselves. Only a few notes of the chord are sounding at a time, some never vibrate at all, and there is no intensity or fullness in their life."

– Dane Rudhyar 

Follow me to a life of authenticity and genuine happiness...