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Astrology illuminates the beauty of your uniqueness. Like a perfectly designed JEWEL, the intricate facets of YOU WERE CREATED TO face the world and SHINE A BRILLIANT and SPECIAL LIGHT ONLY YOU CAN SHINE.

Exploring the specialness of who you are and making conscious efforts to live that to its fullest is not a fanciful endeavor. It is YOUR ENTIRE PURPOSE FOR BEING

Using astrology, I can help you uncover the unique facets of your nature and discover ways to begin consciously honoring those pieces of self better. For this is truly THE KEY to ATTRACTING YOUR WORTH and FEELING HAPPY and FULFILLED IN LIFE

So if you're ready to polish up the diamond you were born to be, then I'm your girl. And LIFE IS ABOUT TO GET REALLY, REALLY GOOD.



Life is SUPPOSED to be an adventure unfolding.

Cultural messaging that we should have life figured out by 30, adopt a standard lifestyle, define ourselves by one job title and an unchanging relationship status is simply

I'm an attorney turned astrologer, teacher, researcher and public speaker with a degree in fashion merchandising and a license in cosmetic laser and tattooing. I've renovated homes, owned an interest in two restaurants, fit modeled and bartended.

I was raised Catholic but built my own belief system by discovering one small truth at a time over four decades of life.

I've dated men, women, tried monogamy, consensual nonmonogamy, and am still working working at how I show up in relationships. Point being...

I'm Jules

And I want to show you why you must never question yourself or your life's journey EVER AGAIN.

beautiful gem! 

With notions of happily ever after planted in our subconscious, it's all too easy to feel disappointed when we haven't found "the one" or haven't been able to make a relationship last. But have you ever considered that what's best for you may be different than what you're expecting?

Let's use astrology to gather INSIGHT on your relationship journey. A reading might just be the most critical step you've ever taken toward attracting / creating the happy partnership you desire. In your reading, we will: 

>>>  Illuminate hidden love patterns
>>>  Uncover your deepest needs & values
>>>  Refine your love goals
>>>  Discuss practical ways to improve
 your partnerships

Create your Dream Relationship! 

Readings are beneficial for people seeking purpose, a greater sense of fulfillment, or guidance through major life changes or decisions. A personal reading will leave you clear, awakened and inspired to create a more AUTHENTIC and INTENSELY SATISFYING life. 

>>>  Feel seen and understood like never before
>>>  Find peace with your past
>>>  Make sense of current life situations
>>>  Prepare for your best future

Many people spend decades of life using nothing more than trial and error to learn about themselves, their strengths, weaknesses and what does and doesn't fulfill them. While self-discovery is a life-long journey, astrology provides a concrete tool through which we can explore your unique design and prove you are right where you're supposed to be. In your session with me, you will:

Live with Confidence & Clarity 

In my first reading with Jules I felt as if I was given the table of contents to my own user's manual.

She has a gift of directing you to the aspects of your birth chart that make you feel uniquely seen, heard, and recognized. Her passion is infectious and she has a nuanced grasp on how to make astrology therapeutic and actionable. I've gone on to book multiple sessions and each time leave with more clarity and a sharpened toolkit for navigating all aspects of life. 

I walked away from my reading feeling so understood and empowered that it really set the tone for my self-love and development journey.

It is amazing to realize how much I have grown since then, and how pieces of my birth chart started falling into place once I was conscious of them.



You're just A reading away from A life you UNDERSTAND & LOVE more than ever


Let astrology become your biggest advantage in everyday life.  
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"The birth chart is the life chord of the individual being and destiny it symbolizes. The score of the symphony which living man is. Most human beings are living only in parts of themselves. Only a few notes of the chord are sounding at a time, some never vibrate at all, and there is no intensity or fullness in their life."

– Dane Rudhyar 

Follow me to a life of authenticity and genuine happiness...