Your purpose doesn’t have to be found. It has always been right there in you waiting to be discovered. 

You were born with a truth belonging to you and you alone. It encompasses a unique perspective on life, a set of talents, interests, preferences, and challenges unlike those of anyone else.

Your life purpose is discovering the whole of this truth and finding creative ways to honor it at work, at home, in your relationships, and all other areas of life. When you start serving your truth with CLARITY and CONFIDENCE, your life RADIATES the beauty of the perfectly designed jewel you are.

for Radiant & Purposeful Lives

Without a map for life's journey, we face a long road of trial-and-error as we piece together the complexities of our human nature. The freedom we're gifted in choosing a home, career, life partner, and so forth seems to curse us with infinite questions to answer.

If you're like me, you've looked for guidance from other successful people, only to find advice relevant for their unique circumstances, not your own. 

Astrology fills that gap. Your astrological birth chart is a profile specific to the exact minute and location of your birth. It is absolutely one-of-a-kind and the most powerful life guidance tool that exists. 

We all need a roadmap for the journey of life. 
That's what I offer you.

It's time for Clarity & Direction.

There IS a roadmap to serving their life purpose, and they HAVE IT!

The aspects of their core character which must be honored to find happiness.

The precise challenges and goals their destiny is calling for in this moment.
They are in the right place and how to serve their purpose step by step. 

My clients know...

Many astrologers are talented and knowledgeable, but few have a calling to share the wisdom of the stars for people in all walks of life like Jules does. She has a gift for finding the right words; she talks to you with down-to-earth simplicity, and shares deep insights. She helped me make sense of important life patterns, understand my inner self and what I need to stay balanced ... and gave me a reality check when my plans were in fact fantasies not grounded in my true nature. More than a reading, Jules holds space for you as you explore who you are and what you are made of. Anybody engaged in personal work or healing should gift themselves the opportunity to meet with Jules.  

Christophe Leroy, CEO of Kallin Leadership & Founder of Sacred Hoop Healing Ways: Shamanic Arts for Self-Healing

$175 (90 mins) - repeat clients /  follow-ups

$225 (90 mins) - new clients

Let's deep dive into your natal chart, discuss your strengths, challenges, and your current place in life's journey. Readings are all about you. I come ready to give you a totally new perspective on life, the first objective look at yourself from the outside, context for what's happening in your life today, and clues about what's on the horizon. 

Just one session is jam packed with information. We meet on Zoom, and you'll get an amazing video recording of our session, which you'll revisit time and again as all my clients do. You've never made a worthier investment in yourself and your future. 


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"The birth chart is the life chord of the individual being and destiny it symbolizes. The score of the symphony which living man is. Most human beings are living only in parts of themselves. Only a few notes of the chord are sounding at a time, some never vibrate at all, and there is no intensity or fullness in their life."

– Dane Rudhyar 

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