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Cosmic gems are people who've committed to engaging with life authentically & fully. We live lives of richness by answering the call to fulfill our unique destinies & purpose in the world.

we span the map from washington state to the gold coast of australia.

we herald from remarkable places as Lebanon, vietnam, germany, India, iran, dubai, the phillipines, ukraine, jamaica, france & canada. 


What they're saying...

In a very uncertain and heartbreaking time, Jules had me see that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be.  She really harnessed the power of astrology to help me see more clearly what there was for me to discover in the break-up  and in my life. ... 

Jules put into words concepts about how I operate that I would have never been able to verbalize myself. And once you can see more clearly some themes about how you work, you can make decisions and discover with much more clarity and intention.


repeat client

The depth of Jules' training becomes evident almost immediately. In my readings, we've focused on my two biggest concerns - clarity on my career path and my struggles with conventional romantic relationship expectations. I was able to unpack years of confusion and left with a lot of useful and constructive guidance. Jules generously shared other resources in addition to our sessions so that I could continue self-exploration using astrology for a lifetime.


repeat client

Jules is a goddess. She is a brilliant, passionate Astrologer and it shines through in her work. ... We did an “astrological deep-dive” into my past, present, and future. She knew things about my past that were mind-blowing … She very accurately pinpointed exactly where I’m currently at and what to expect moving forward.


repeat client

The couple’s session was really eye opening and helpful. Jules made us feel great about our relationship and was also able to target a few areas that could be potential trouble spots. It was good confirmation that we needed to put more compassion, work and understanding in these areas. Her personality is warm and gentle and she brings a lot of emotional intelligence to the session. It was comforting and validating to be seen this way. She absolutely blew us away.

Sheryl & Bree

repeat client

Jules'  knowledge, skills, and ability to interpret the signs and convey a reading for me was SPOT ON. Every aspect of my life was addressed and her insight is extremely helpful in navigating my life path. The reassurance that everything that happens is for my good has been impactful in charting my path forward both in alignment with myself with the natural world I reside in.


repeat client

Jules is a gem. Her relationship readings are clear, intentional, and full of practical advice. It's not often that you find an astrologer who can explain things cleanly and simply. She sharpens her guidance skills by practicing what she preaches in her own life, and can always draw analogous parallels to what I'm experiencing. What she does is both an art and a science; I highly recommend that anyone seeking quality relationship advice invest in a reading with Jules.


repeat client

One reading with Jules just wasn't enough! She gave off such warm and welcoming, down to earth energy. She takes the time to answer questions, gave clear examples of how to interpret and apply my reading to my life, and hit so many nerves in all the right ways. I highly, highly recommend to get a reading from Jules. It's been such a value to my journey and I can't imagine not continuing to include her wisdom in my path. Can't wait till the next one!


repeat client

"The birth chart is the life chord of the individual being and destiny it symbolizes. The score of the symphony which living man is. Most human beings are living only in parts of themselves. Only a few notes of the chord are sounding at a time, some never vibrate at all, and there is no intensity or fullness in their life."

– Dane Rudhyar 

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