Astrology parties

Because whatever you are planning - a corporate event, dinner, bachelorette party, a convention, festival or retreat - should be more than a moment in time. You want an exciting, unique, perfectly curated and totally ...

Unforgettable Experience!

Let's work together to create a memorable event that meets your audience perfectly. Astrology is relevant to every occasion and can be presented a variety of ways from light entertainment to in-depth learning. Common requests include:

  • Group presentations (general, inspirational, or topic specific - love, relationships, vocation, soul purpose, and more)
  • Interactive workshops 
  • Individual mini readings (typically 10-20 mins/person)
  • Mini question + answer sessions with astro divination (typically 5-10 mins/person)

With my access to other reputable practitioners, we can also discuss adding complimentary services like card readings, aura photography, reiki, intuitive water colors, ear seeding or additional astrologers for larger events.


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Custom Events

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From large conventions to small holiday parties, I've presented astrology in nearly every possible setting. I look forward to chatting with you about how we could integrate astrology at your event, too.

Rates vary depending on the details and travel requirements of your event. While some events necessitate elaborate preparation on my part, others require very little. I need to know the details of your particular event before proposing my price, but will do my best to be accommodating.

For the purposes of general consideration, my typical rate for a live, no-prep event is $200-250/hour (minimum of 2 hours). This makes small events like bachelorette parties and small gatherings reasonable when costs are shared.

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"The birth chart is the life chord of the individual being and destiny it symbolizes. The score of the symphony which living man is. Most human beings are living only in parts of themselves. Only a few notes of the chord are sounding at a time, some never vibrate at all, and there is no intensity or fullness in their life."

– Dane Rudhyar 

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