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Hi, friends! Iā€™m just leaving NORWAC – a phenomenal astrology conference out in Seattle – and am headed out on a multi-week road trip to celebrate my 40th birthday. This message will be my only message for June and focuses on the highlights I’ve chosen for the whole month.  From a broad perspective, it’s a […]

The Astrology of June 2022: Prepare for a flavorful month!

Astrology Update Mid-May 2022: How will the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses affect your life path?

Hi, friends. Here we are, already on the brink of the May 16th eclipse. These last few weeks flew by in a hectic fog. The pace has really picked up, as predicted. I saw some amazing surprises around that Sun-Uranus conjunction on the 5th and have heard lots of Mercury Retrograde stories already, though it’s […]

Hi, friends! Yesterday (Saturday, April 30th) was the first eclipse of our year. The changes seeded by it may not be obvious yet, as we’re only in the beginning stages of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses affecting us through late next year. These eclipses signify changing dynamics in at least 2 areas of your life, particularly for […]

The Astrology of May 2022: It’s a real oxymoron when Jupiter enters Aries & Mercury turns retrograde the same day…”Just Do It”, but not too fast

Mid-April 2022 Astrology Update: A new dream is taking root, but distractions make it hard to envision the future yet.

Hi, friends. The long-awaited Jupiter-Neptune conjunction has finally arrived. These two planets haven’t come together in the sign of Pisces since the mid-1800’s and ( at least for your favorite astrologer šŸ™‚ it’s a pretty big deal. I could write a thesis on the spectrum of feelings and events one could confront at a time […]

Hi, friends. Thanks for keeping in touch last month. I’ve heard incredible stories about how the March astrology panned out for you. I’m glad to hear you’re staying present and dealing with things responsibly, no matter how unfair or unrelenting life has gotten. That’s the name of the game right now with all the Saturnian […]

The Astrology of April 2022: Hang in there, things ease up soon!

Mid-March 2022 Astrology Update: Intense Energy Peaks Require Strategy, Fortitude And Self Control

Hi, friends! This may be the most straightforward message you ever get from me. We have a critical few weeks ahead, and meeting the nature of the times head-on is what the planets require. Not coincidentally, I have a number of pressing legal projects and am dangerously (LOL) sneaking a few hours away to get this […]

Hi, friends! My last email was all about this extensive Venus-Mars conjunction we’re having. I’ve heard so many accounts about how relationships have come full focus since Venus first went retrograde back in December. The Venus themes haven’t stopped. Now with Mars on scene, we’re being pushed to DO SOMETHING about whatever personal or relationship […]

The Astrology of March 2022: Decisive Action & Proof of Growth

Mid-February 2022 Astrology Update: Passions Ignite

Hi, friends! Our year started so slow that I know you’re feeling and enjoying the stride we’ve hit. All planets are directnow until April 29th. You’re empowered with energy supportive of progress for multiple months, and I’ll be here twice a month keeping you in tune with important dates to take advantage of. Let’s look at the astrology calendar for the second […]

Hi, friends! I hope you stayed well this past month. The astrology hit home for me in many ways, but understanding the meaning of what’s happening seems to help me ride the wave to shore.  Now I’m eyeballs deep in plans to grow this great community, a brand overhaul, new products, etc. My free astrology […]

The Astrology of February 2022: Heightened AWARENESS, New REVELATIONS, and LUCK for Slow-Build Projects!

Mid-January 2022 Astrology Update: Plan for an emphatic SLOW DOWN!

Hi, friends! My last newsletter highlighted the areas of life where you might find tremendous growth and opportunity this year. That news came with a few caveats about the overall picture, the general astrology landscape we’re still in. That doesn’t change with the calendar year. šŸ˜› I’m back to assure you that 2022 has promising […]


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