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Hi, friends! Thanks for joining me to look at the gateway March lays before us. Actually, it’s more of a month-long tunnel than a doorway we step right through. While a new phase of life is ahead for each of us, it’ll take a full month of shifts to get there. An incredible 7 out […]

The Astrology of March 2023: Gateway to a new phase of purpose and calling

The Astrology of February 2023: Focus on the fantasy, show life where to carry you next

Hi, friends! As predicted on our Calendar, the flow was slow and sluggish a lot of January. Jupiter in Aries gave us BIG ideas about all we wanted to do, but Mercury and Mars left us high and dry in terms of an ability to feel or recognize progress. Now, day by day, we’re gaining […]

Hi, friends. I’ve spent the last month studying the astrology of 2023 and am up to my eyebrows in dates and info. The bones have poked through the skin on my fingertips as I write this. My conclusion is this: we are each headed into brand new territory in 2023. Felt like we lived March 2020 […]

The Astrology of January 2023: Let the Journey Begin. Let It Be Magical.

The Astrology of December 2022: A TRUE page turner

Hey, astro fam! It’s exciting to write you as the new year draws near. More often than not, the change of calendar year promises little more than a glorified ball drop. The “New Year, New Me” sentiment lacks any basis in reality, energetic support, or momentum needed to push us to a new chapter. But nothing […]

Hey, friends. Did you feel that shift in October? If you recall, our forecast divided October into two distinct categories – the first few weeks pleasant, then around the 19th, the intensity would ramp up. The change was very palpable for me and the people in my daily life. What happened for you? November is […]

The Astrology of November 2022: Surrender to a greater plan

The Astrology of October 2022: Plan to bend with the wind

Hello, friends! Our retrograde season continues in October with a number of themes I want you to know about. It’s a time when knowing the astrology can really help us adjust our expectations and avoid errors. Why? Because the first few weeks of October look super constructive coming off the heels of September. We’ll start […]

Hi, friends! If you haven’t felt it yet, retrograde season is in full swing. This month we have Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto ALL RETROGRADE. Mars starts slowing down for its own retrograde soon too. In other words, every planet but Venus is in reverse direction or speed for September. Add to it […]

The Astrology of September 2022: Finding Peace & Maintaining Dignity

The Astrology of August 2022: Access Your Superpowers

Hello, astro fam! Ready for the August astrology? July was quite a ride. My observations definitely aligned with the astrology of the month we’re ending: Our inner world / feeling nature was heightened. For me, there’s been an overarching sense of irritability. It’s taken a lot of patience to manage my short fuse and preserve […]

Hi, friends. I hope June was filled with fun and summer sun for you all. Here we are looking into July, a confrontational and emotionally complex period. Good thing we have astrology to help us discuss it in advance so we can navigate life as better humans EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. There’s no better time to reflect on […]

The Astrology of July 2022: Tension and triggers help us see and rewrite our inner program.

The Astrology of June 2022: Prepare for a flavorful month!

Hi, friends! I’m just leaving NORWAC – a phenomenal astrology conference out in Seattle – and am headed out on a multi-week road trip to celebrate my 40th birthday. This message will be my only message for June and focuses on the highlights I’ve chosen for the whole month.  From a broad perspective, it’s a […]


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