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Hi, friends. It’s taken me awhile to get this message to you. I’ve been writing it for 5 days now and per usual with thetime between eclipses, I feel like I’m in some purgatory between past and future. Couple that with Mercury Retrograde, and my thoughts were harder to piece together than usual. 🙂 In […]

The Astrology of April 2024: The Solar Eclipse & Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction

The Astrology of March 2024

Hi, friends. February was a remarkable month. I hope there were bright spots for you, particularly in mid to late month after the Pluto activations died down. Things had felt cumbersome in my life for a while, but a few short trips in February were just what I needed, bringing me back to a groove. […]

Hello, beautiful soul. Thanks for joining me for another monthly forecast. As I reflect on January, I recall stating something like “do not sleep on the power available to you in January.” The hidden implication in that statement is the notion that when planets harmonize well, life can get a bit sleepy. That’s exactly how January […]

The Astrology of February 2024: If You’ve Felt Stuck, This is YOUR Month!

The Astrology of January 2024: Offering Ourselves to the World in a New Way

Happy New Year, my friends! I hope you’re feeling happy, healthy and hopeful as you embark on 2024. I, myself, am so grateful for each of you. Life moves faster with every passing year, making it more and more meaningful that I have your readership. Thank you! I’m imagining some new ways to guide you […]

Hi, friends. I cannot believe that next time I write you we’ll be entering a new calendar year. A lot happened in 2023, didn’t it? What does your personal universe look like now? What are the main ways that’s different from the space you were in as you rang in the new year January 1st? With astrology, […]

The Astrology of December & Your 2023-24 Horoscope

The Astrology of November 2023: Reminders of our limits help us improvise

Hi, friends.  When I first reviewed the astrology of 2023, October and November easily stood out as two of the tougher months of our year. From time to time a cluster of planets traveling though one area of the sky aligns with a cluster of planets sitting in the opposite area of our sky. That’s what’s happening now. Astrologers call […]

Hi, friends! September was a complex month, right? I had some really amazing and inspiring days, and I’ve started work on new offerings I’m excited to share in the future. But with Mercury retrograde half last month, many things went differently than expected. The message I tried emphasizing these last few months – as both […]

The Astrology of October 2023: Eclipse Season

September 2023: A Full Month of Insight & Possibility

Hi, friends. Welcome to September! My schedule has been pretty full lately…nearly as full as it is each January with year-ahead readings. That speaks for itself, showing how powerfully Venus Retrograde has shifted things. For many folks, visible, surface-level changes have been set in motion. For other people, Venus worked more strongly within. What’s been […]

Hi, friends. We’re entering a very important month – a month of continuing shifts that promise to remodel some part of our lives courtesy of Venus Retrograde. August also brings two full moons (supermoons!) to heighten the emotion, the beginning of a Mercury retrograde, and lots of other aspects that suggest a dynamic month from […]

The Astrology of August 2023: A Wild Venus Retrograde in Leo Continues

The Astrology of July 2023: Your 3-month Venus retrograde journey begins NOW!

Hi, folks! The month of June was an interesting one. In our last newsletter, I’d forgotten to mention that Saturn would turn retrograde in June. Saturn Retrograde tends to increase the demands daily life. I did discuss Saturn retrograde at length in our 2023 Calendar, however, and laughed a bit when seeing I’d failed to take […]


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